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HANSI teambuilding hiking

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HANSI teambuilding hiking

Every year in April HANSI undertakes a hiking trip outside of Shanghai to feel the beauty of nature and strengthen the team spirit.  

A total length of 15km was completed in Anhui Province, Huizhou Town, east of Zhejiang Province Lin'an City, located in Qingliangfeng National Nature Reserve on the north side, north of Huang Shan, south of Tian Mu Mountain.

We finished whole walk (around 20km) in two days and nights during which we support each other, side by side.

During the night where everyone could show his/her talent, we enjoyed the games and the bonfire party.

HANSI has young strong courageous team to climb any peak!

No matter how much life is challenging us, we will face it with positive attitude, with a smile on our faces.