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Epoxy adhesive & Polyurethane adhesive

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Epoxy adhesive


 - Contains an epoxy group, for most of the material has a strong cohesive force

- Flexible formula design - according to customer requirements to customize the product

- Curing into thermosetting plastics

- Single component - heat curing

- Two-component - room temperature curing and heating curing

- Curing conditions: from a few minutes to a few hours, 25 ~ 100 


- Low toxicity, low volatility, high body strength

- The shrinkage of the adhesive layer is small and the dimensional stability is good

- Good adhesion to treated metal

- Can withstand a wide temperature range

- High temperature performance

- Resistant to moisture, good weather resistance (daylight, wind and rain, hot and cold)

- Good aging resistance, strong corrosion resistance (heat, light, ray, mechanical force, chemical medium)


- Curing is usually slow at low temperatures

- The impact strength at low temperatures is lower than that of polyurethane adhesives


- Paint industry

- Light power, wind power industry

- Electronic appliances potting industry

- Building, wall industry


 Polyurethane adhesive


- The polymer polyol reacts with the isocyanate

- Adhesive layer from flexibility to toughness adjustable

- Single component, moisture curing, curing after the formation of elastomers

- Two-component, room temperature curing, curing after the formation of thermosetting plastic


- Resin low cost, wide range of applications

- Good flexibility, high elongation at break, impact resistance

- Can be bonded to a variety of plastic

- Thixotropy is good, no sagging

- Low temperature performance and oil resistance wear resistance

- Can be cured at room temperature, but also heat curing


- High temperature, high humidity and easy to hydrolyse and reduce the bonding strength

- More sensitive to the mixing ratio

- High temperature performance in general

- Strong resistance to strong polar solvents and strong acid and alkali media


- Shoes industry, foam insulation industry, packaging industry

- Car seal

- Building, wall industry

- Automotive, ship, aerospace, medical and other industries


HANSI, relying on a strong R & D team, has developed a variety of adhesive brands used in automotive, electronics, noise reduction and other fields, applicable to bonding metal, non-metal, plastic and a variety of sticky materials. HANSI provides a variety of bonding technology and environmental solutions.