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HANSI’s new products --- durable holding power PU structural adhesive

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With the continuous development of China's economy and the accelerated process of urbanization, the rail transit industry has entered a period of great development.

China's new subway mileage, for example, will reach 3000-4000 km, with a total investment of 2.5 trillion - 3.2 trillion RMB. HANSI responds on the rail transportation industry modernization, environmental protection, safety and comfort requirements, with a full range of plastic solutions.

HANSI adhesives are used in all aspects of the rail transportation industry, such as inner door / exterior door bonding, table and chair bonding, equipment cabin floor composite, metal parts, floor, luggage rack, window wall panels etc.  Particularity of the rail transportation industry is that all of these bonding parts are constantly moving, which requires high flexibility and high adhesion strength during the period of time.

HANSI’s newly developed durable holding power structural adhesive can meet the needs of the rail transportation industry.

1. The basic requirements of structural adhesives

·         Bonding security

·         Bonding strength can meet or exceed customer needs.

·         Environmentally friendly

·         Affordable

·         Cost reducing  

·         Durable adhesion stability, aging resistance and fatigue resistance.


HANSI new products --- durable type PU structural adhesive YEBOND ® 2223

Product description

YEBOND® 2223 is a high strength, solvent free, 2K polyurethane adhesive. The main agent is a hydroxyl group-containing prepolymer, and an isocyanate-containing prepolymer.

Application areas

YEBOND® 2223 can be used for all kinds of sandwich panels in rail transportation, shipbuilding and other industries (such as aluminium honeycomb panels, metal plate and honeycomb core structure bonding).