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HANSI on "China Bonding Day" with bonding, vibration and noise reduction solutions

Source:Shanghai Hansi Industrial Co.,Release time:2016-12-06Clicks: Loading ...

July 11, 2016
During First “China Bonding Day” Bonding Technology Exchange Conference which was held in Shanghai, Dr. Wu Haiping - Technical Manager 
from Shanghai HANSI presented bonding, vibration and noise reduction solutions in railway Industry. 
Dr. Wu Haiping’s presentation included:  

Structural Bonding
Bonding structure, doors, aluminum honeycomb panels
Improve the bonding material stiffness, tension
High peel strength, high shear strength
Reducing flange corrosion,
Good continued tightness
Completely filling the gaps
Excellent solvent resistance
After curing able to withstand high pressure
Metal surface treatments and cleaning agents
Dust, grease removal
Rust and corrosion solution