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Applied to:
  • Folding metal door-seal
  • Metal parts bonding
  • Pressure laminate layer manufacturing
  • Laminate assembly

Adhesive products for the outside and inside doors



High strength, solvent-free, two-component epoxy adhesive with slight thixotropic property, which could keep non-flowing state during curing process. It has good tensile resistance, impact strength, peeling strength, toughness and good wettability to various substrates.

MegaGlue®5102/1T60 is mainly used for bonding various kinds of sandwich boards like aluminum and marble honeycomb plate, insulation plates and rigid PU boards, etc. Especially good adhesion to aluminum, steel, coated metals, marble, wood and glass, etc.


Pail - 20 kg (MegaGlue®5102/1T60)

Pail - 15 kg (MegaGlue® HD5102)  (or as requested)

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