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High-strength solvent free two-component polyurethane adhesive. After mixing, the two components form into a hard elastic substance through chemical reaction without any volume change.

Suitable for bonding to inorganic board or aluminum honeycomb board, and other kinds of sandwich boards. Can be used as filler, coating, and injection molding materials. Good adhesion to metals, wood, plastics and rigid foam.


Pail - 25kg/1250kg (YEBOND®2003)
Pail - 5kg/25kg/250kg (YEBOND®8001) (or as requested)


Two-component polyurethane adhesive. Developed for bonding of metal partitions and ceilings in clean rooms, such as color plate, aluminum/paper honeycomb boards, PU, rock wool, gypsum composite plates, etc. Good adhesion to metals, wood, plastics and rigid foam.


Pail - 25kg /1400kg (YEBOND®02LX)

Pail 20kg /250kg(YEBOND®01) (or as requested)


High strength, solvent-free, two-component adhesive of good weather resistance, tensile strength, bending strength, impactstrength and toughness, based on epoxy resin. It is specially developed for the composite panel application in different industries.

MegaGlue®3012/1 is developed for bonding various kinds of composite panels, metals (especiallyaluminum and steel), insulating panels and PU foams or PVC foams, marbles, ceramics, wood, etc.

Remarks: MegaGlue® 3012/1 Grey---MegaGlue® HD3012LG is specially developed for the bonding of floor materials used in rail transit.


Pail - 20kg (MegaGlue®3012/1)

Pail - 20kg(MegaGlue®HD3012) (or as requested)

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