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Applied to:

Elevator ribs and ceiling adhesive;
Elevator decorative plate bonding;

Suitable adhesive products:


High strength, solvent-free, two-component adhesive of good weather resistance, tensile strength, bending strength, impact strength and toughness, based on epoxy resin. Specially developed for the composite panel application in different industries.

MegaGlue®3012/1 is developed for bonding various kinds of composite panels, metals (especially aluminum and steel), insulating panels and PU foams or PVC foams, marbles, ceramics, wood, etc.


Pail - 20kg (MegaGlue®3012/1)

Pail - 20kg(MegaGlue®HD3012) (or as requested)


High-strength solvent free two-component polyurethane adhesive.

Structural bonding for refrigerator and shelter. Good adhesion to metals, calcium silicate, floor (PVC or rubber), wood, plastics and rigid foam.


Pail - 5kg/25kg(YEBOND®2008HN)

Pail - 1kg/5kg/25kg(YEBOND®8001) (or as requested)


Solvent free two-component polyurethane adhesive. Used for bonding metal partitions of fireproof door and heat preservation integration industries, such as the bonding of aluminum/paper honeycomb boards, PU, rock wool, gypsum composite plates. Good adhesion to metals, wood, plastics and rigid foam.


Pail - 25kg /1400kg (YEBOND®2002X)
Pail - 25kg / 250kg(YEBOND®8001) (or as requested)

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