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At Hansi, we manufacture and market a broad range of adhesive technologies for today’s automotive needs – water-based, solvent based, polyurethane and hot melt. Our products are formulated to comply with or exceed the most current regulations. As a company, we’re dedicated to sustainability, and our goal is to minimize the environmental effects of our adhesive products and to enable sustainability for our customers. We do this through taking a thoughtful design and development approach, holding ourselves accountable for sound practices, and providing adhesives that enable manufacturing with new eco-friendly materials.

Currently we offer a portfolio of products that cover a wide range of applications and application requirements:
●      Headliners                              ●       Coat hooker
●      Door panels                            ●       Trunk Lid 
●      Arm rests                               ●       Skylight sheets
●      Interior pillars                          ●       Instrument panel
●      Instrument panels                    ●       Steering wheel
●      Seating                                  ●      Headlamps                      
●      Carpeting                               ●      Spare tire cover 

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