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We specialize in research, development and manufacturing of industrial adhesives. 
Our products, MegaGlue® and YEBOND® have high quality adhesion to many kinds of materials, such as metal, plastic and non-metal. Meanwhile we also distribute many sound-deadening products. As one of the pioneers in the adhesive field, Shanghai Hansi Industrial Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Ningrui Adhesives Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. with its own professional research team, excellent and devoted staff and scientific management system enjoy a high reputation in the R&D, manufacturing and sales aspect in China, while we distribute our adhesive products MegaGlue® Epoxy and YEBOND® Polyurethane. 

Shanghai Hansi Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 with its head quarter in Shanghai Minhang and manufacturing site in Shanghai Jinshan District. We have a vast experience in the field of structural composite application, rubber-metal bonding and sound-deading materials.

While we focus on these products, we also provide our customers professional support to realize their ideas. Hansi company mission is to developed adhesives chemicals to meet customers’ needs with innovated techniques and high standard of quality assurance. Our experience in the field of structural composite materials and sound-deadening materials let us know how to present professional and effective solutions for our customers. Customer care and support is our unceasingly enterprising power. Continuous feedback from our customers helps us develop and grow continuously. Our Motto “Improved processes enhance product quality and reduce pollution and cost” drives us.

MegaGlue®, YEBOND®, FILTER®, MegaMelt®, MegaPrimer®, MegaTape®, Acrombond®, MegaCleaner®, MegaCrylic®
Highest quality and environmental management
Total quality, environmental responsibility as well as safety are pivotal to us; we apply our best efforts in order to operate our three plants along with our office under the highest standards and certifications. HANSI is ISO 9001 : 2008 certified that ensures our clients the highest quality processes, including an outstanding customer service; guaranteeing optimization and continuous improvement through our productive processes. Likewise, this is also the basis for specification ISO/TS 16949 we have been awarded in 2015. This certification is a prerequisite to qualify as supplier to the automotive industry. It acknowledges that the HANSI has set up special procedures in all areas of activity and, therefore, complies with customers' specific demands in the automotive sector. Thus and in the long-term, HANSI promotes a safe and healthy working environment at its all production facilities.