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Silicone Adhesives

Silicone Adhesives
Has good adhesive (bonding) strength of plastic base material and metal; cures quickly.
Sealing joint surface of automobile and motorcycle, such like engine cylinder block, oil pan, transmission, flange face, axle housing, etc.
Magnetic permeable, solvent-free one part epoxy adhesive. Suitable for permanent-magnet motor, electromagnetic clutch, magnet steel and transformer core etc. Provide maximum magnetic permeable, excellent electrical insulation, and outstanding mechanical properties. Suitable for permanent-magnet motor, magnet steel, transformer core etc.
Two-component, thermally conductive, primerless silicone rubber. It has low viscosity and high thermal conductivity. 

MegaGlue® G12 is used to encapsulate sensitive electronic modules.
Two-component, extremely low working viscosity, low volatile silicone rubber used to encapsulate sensitive electronic modules.
- Low Viscosity - easy to penetrate into small space
- Environmentally Resistant - provides excellent thermal shock resistant
- Low Volatile - exhibits low volatile under high temperature environment 
One-component, electronic grade, high thermal conductivity, self-leveling, dealcoholized RTV silicone sealant/adhesive. 

No acetic acid or other corrosive byproducts are generated during its cure. High thermal conductivity. 
MegaGlue® RTV6200T is used to encapsulate sensitive electronic modules.

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